ARMA Canada Conference Call for Speakers – Due Nov. 28 2017

 Call for Submissions

The ARMA Canada 2018 Conference Call for Submissions is now open!  Simply review theInformation for Speakers web page and complete the SPEAKER APPLICATION FORM by November 28, 2017.  For more information visit:
  • You may apply to speak on more than one topic.  Please complete one application form for each topic;
  • Applications will not be accepted from third parties (e.g. public relations agencies, speaker bureaus, etc.);
  • Presentations must be non-commercial and vendor-neutral.  Speakers must not promote a product/service or monetary self-interest in their presentation; and,
  • Only two speakers per presentation will receive the complimentary full Conference registration.

The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Connect and Innovate to Transform’ . The Conference Team is specifically seeking presentations on the following topics:

infographic callforsubmissions

  • Digital Transformation (data analytics, big data, cybersecurity, cloud computing, data management, Electronic Content Management, digital disruption, data security, data protection, internet of things, etc.)
  • Information Management and Governance (best practices, email, getting started with RIM/IG, how to keep RIM program relevant, etc.)
  • Special Topics from complimentary disciplines (access and privacy, government, first nations, law, project management, contract management, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), etc.)
  • Professional Development (CRM, change management, risk management, IGP, etc.)

*Please note that preference will be given to speaker applications that touch on the above themes, particularly the Digital Transformation and Special Topics tracks.

We are incorporating Rapid Fire sessions into our program this year.  These sessions are a maximum of 10 minutes each with a maximum of 15 slides.  The keyword is Concise!

  • We invite speakers to apply to present a Rapid Fire session in addition to other speaking commitments at the conference or to submit a stand-alone Rapid Fire session topic in exchange for a 25 percent discount on your registration fee (a value of $250 off the regular registration fee).
  • Each Rapid Fire session will include three 10-minute presentations (one per speaker) per session.